We have always been all about real life strength, functionality and longevity. That’s why introduction of functional fitness training to our gym seemed like a logical and natural step.

This is not only a training method it’s a philosophy. This kind of training is very adaptive and allows you to develop the necessary strength and endurance to tackle everyday challenges. In comparison to other more traditional training methods, functional fitness incorporates a good mix of bodyweight and weight-lifting training as well as the use of unusual fitness equipment.

Box Fitness provides a wide variety of nontraditional and at the same time extremely practical fitness equipment like gymnastic rings, Russian kettlebells, Indian clubbells, sandbag, aqua bag, push-up handles, gym hammer and tractor tire for endurance and strength training. The use of those tools combined with full-body exercises will help to develop a lean, healthy and fit body and bring back the fun factor to training which is so often missing in other more conventional type fitness training methods.

If you are trying to reach a specific fitness related goal, like a perfect pull-up or just want to make your workouts more challenging, interesting and practical, this is the way to train. Variety is the key to success and this type of training is a proof of that.