One of our clients’ favorite is the comprehensive boxing training course which over 3 months will significantly improve your boxing skills. This training course consists of three difficulty levels and is designed to be flexible enough to meet the needs of a wide range of people. It doesn’t matter if you are an experienced boxer or someone who hasn’t tried it before, we will adjust the course content accordingly your needs and abilities. We would advise anyone to start with level one and gradually advance to the second and third level thus gaining a solid base of basic boxing techniques. If you have previous boxing experience you have the option to instantly advance to the second and third level if you wish so. This is not a fitness training program instead it concentrates on developing only your boxing skills. Nature of this training allows to develop high levels of muscle memory which will directly transfer to precise and long lasting boxing skills.

Level one is designed for beginners who want to improve their boxing skills. This level incorporates basic stretching/warm up and takes you through a syllabus of stance, guard, foot work, jab, cross, hook and upper cut.

Level two is designed for people with some experience in boxing or progressing from level one. It will still include all the components of level one and add more advanced punching techniques e.g. overhand punches, underhand punches etc.

Level three is advanced boxing skill training. You will learn in-depth techniques such as bobbing, weaving and slipping, blocking and more advanced combinations. You will be given the option to enter the ring to spar with our trainers or other Box Fitness members and learn how to put your skills to use.