This is our most popular training package. If you are interested in boxing as well as obtaining overall fitness through the use of diverse and exciting training methods, this might be the best option for you.

This package includes an induction training session and unlimited access to all facilities in the Box Fitness gym. You should allow up to two hours for the induction session since it will consist of evaluation of your current fitness level and a full boxing circuit workout which will be tailored to meet your needs and abilities. During the induction our trainer will also guide you through some basic boxing techniques like jab and cross and give you pointers how to use a punching bag as well as familiarize you with the resistance training equipment – spin bikes, treadmills, etc. After the evaluation of your current abilities you will be given a number of training program options to follow or you can use your own if you wish to do so.

This membership option allows you to use all the facilities found in the Box Fitness gym during our regular working hours and receive advice and assistance from our experienced instructors.