Here at Box Fitness we measure the success of our work through the positive experience and achievements of our clients. No one else can explain to you better what you can expect than they do.

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I have been going to Box Fitness for about 18 months, and it has been great. It’s not only suitable for general fitness enthusiasts but also for those of us who genuinely enjoy boxing. There is opportunity to constantly improve on techniques and sparring. Courses are tailored to make you a better, more skilled boxer. Tony and the coaches are fantastic, and I have learnt an incredible amount from them and thoroughly enjoy each session I go to. It’s a great place for both fitness and boxing training.

Stuart Tooze – Logistics Manager 36

“Box Fitness does what it says on the tin”. I’ve really benefitted from using the Box Fitness gym three times a week. The staff members are warm and welcoming and very friendly, always offering advice and pointers to help improve your workout, without the drill instructors mentality. More of an encouraging word or tip that suits people of all ages and fitness levels.

In just one year I have lost three stone and reduced my waist size by six inches – it simply works. I would certainly recommend Box Fitness. It’s a friendly environment to get fit, lose weight and not feel self conscious.

Lee Broadway – Recruitment Consultant 41

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