The Box Fitness team works hard to deliver the best fitness experience to our customers. We are constantly upgrading the range of our fitness equipment to make your workout sessions more efficient and exciting.

We believe that one of the main reasons for training is to improve your daily life – make you stronger, healthier and able to enjoy every aspect of life. Lately we have been working hard on developing functional fitness training classes and upgrading our range of equipment with some useful and unusual pieces:

Gymnastic rings

With these you can make regular exercises like push-ups and dips more challenging. Regular training with gymnastic rings will help you develop a strong core region and powerful shoulders.

When push-ups and dips don’t challenge you anymore you can try to master advanced moves such as iron cross, L – sit and front lever.


This piece of training equipment quite often is used by military and emergency services. You can combine it with a wide variety of exercises. Because of its loose structure it will provide extra challenge to common exercises like bicep curls and squats. The weight of the sandbag can be altered to meet the needs of each individual.

Aerobic step

This is a basic piece of equipment that can be used for a wide variety of exercises – from cardio and jump training to dumbbell flies and rows.

Push-up and dip handles

With our own in-house design push-up handles we give you a more intense and rewarding chest, shoulder, core and bicep workout.

Perfect push-up handles

These handles are especially useful for people with wrist problems. Of course they can be used by everybody. Using these handles you can go lower thus putting more strain on your chest muscles as well as providing a great stretch.

Hand stand handles

Using these you can practice handstands and handstand push – ups easier and safer. Handstand push-up is the best bodyweight exercise for shoulders.

Resistance bands

These are mainly used for boxing conditioning and speed training.


We have just added a couple more dumbbells and kettlebells. Now you can find the perfect weight for yourself starting with one kilo and going up to 30 kilo dumbbells and from 4 up to 20 kilo kettlebells.

Be sure to visit our gym and try all the new equipment. Visit our website regularly because there is more new equipment coming and we will keep you posted.

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  1. How much is the membership?

    • BoxFitness says:


      It’s better to just come down to the gym and have a chat. We have a wide variety of offers right now.

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      Box Fitness team