Box Fitness is a strength and conditioning gym located in Worcester, UK. While a lot of the training we provide is box inspired, we wouldn’t call ourselves a fighting club or martial arts centre. Instead we help people to achieve outstanding physical shape through training routines and exercises adopted from boxing. It’s an exciting, fun and effective way to improve your health, fitness and confidence. We always strive to provide a great service, that’s why our gym is ABA approved and our staff are NVQ and ABA qualified.

We all know how hard it’s sometimes to maintain your motivation. That’s why our aim is to combine fun and fitness, in order to provide our clients with a great experience that allows them to achieve their fitness goals while having a great time.

Here at Box Fitness we design our programs around your fitness level and build on that. It’s a great place where to get fit and learn new skills. You are trained just like a boxer which includes warm up with strength training, skipping, bag work, shadow boxing, pad work and cool down.

In our gym you can expect nothing but friendly staff and training partners, high-quality facilities and training environment that will fit your needs. Click here to find out what our members have to say about us.